It’s never easy and many wish after establishing their business that they had given more thought to it. The maxim must be, the best economic utilisation of ground space whilst allowing ease of use for your clients…If your chosen yard is small, then take the time and very carefully plan it out to utilise the space to its maximum use and bear in mind its very difficult to change once you have clients in situ.

Its not essential to have an on site office, but it is strongly recommended, although you can just as easily run it from home with todays technology, but it is always reassuring for clients that someone is there (especially for ladies) and you can keep track of movements and what is being placed in the containers and by whom…(although this can be also achieved by remote use of cameras). You will also need a toilet …its strongly recommended that you do not stint on the standard of such an amenity, customers like to be comfortable when they are shuffling about in their containers and once you have clients you should do your best to keep them or at least get their vocal approval of your site…(Word of mouth endorsement is the best form of sales, its cheap and its very confident inspiring) You will need adequate lighting of the yard there are now many various types of low energy (LED) lighting available. NB. (It’s NOT recommended that you freely supply power to the inside of containers, customers use and abuse and leave lights switched on and also it easily facilitates powered dehumidifiers, refrigerated storage of foods and worse (as in London a few years ago bodies of murdered people being stored) and also businesses being surreptitiously run from inside the container legal or otherwise (hydroponic cannabis farms are not restricted to the metropolitan areas) If you need advice about layout and container types etc. have a chat with one of our agents…(they all have their own Self Storage Yards and have had many experiences with other customers to draw on) . For a list of agents see ‘’where to buy’’. We do offer in some areas a cad drawing service for a modest price that would be returned to you if you buy your containers from one of our UK agents.


Create your own depot number system and number your containers, the registered numbers on the containers you receive will differ wildly from each other. Always place the containers off the floor. This can be achieved by using concrete blocks, rail sleepers or making concrete plinths, and raise the blank end 25mm higher than the door end (any spillage or condensation will run to the exit rather than creating a puddle at the far end unobserved for months and causing many more problems than it need have) Placing the containers off the ground prevents dampness ingressing from ground underside. Although the undersides of containers are usually bitumen sealed and the ply floor is water preventive treated, damp will over the years eventually separate the bitumen from the ply floor and moisture will slowly ingress through the floor, it also spares the shipping container sub-frame steelwork from corrosion. (Containers bought from new and looked after will last 50 to 60 + years as they are almost exclusively manufactured nowadays from corrosion resistant Corten Steel see page ‘Corten Steel ‘)


You would have to spend thousands and thousands of pounds to be very confidently sure you are secure, as the villains have plenty of battery powered tools and technology at their disposal, but not being able to afford that type of security you will need to at best appear secure, which usually means a 6’ high steel palisade fence, CCTV, lock boxes on container doors and quality padlocks (CISA shutter type padlocks fit most lock boxes are quite difficult and noisy to break open), and where personnel doors are fitted Kirncroft personnel doors when fitted correctly are best. There are a wide variety of automatic gates available for the site access, which can operate from cards or punched in codes but again confidence for the client is best assured by management attendance and manual locking and unlocking. Opening times…to be a useful storage unit to your customers the greater the access times the better, 10 hours a day x 7 days per week are the norm.



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