Don’t be shy, everybody needs storage at sometime. Use bold, brave adverts but do not overspend, and keep pace with your available capacity and ability to respond to further demand. There’s no point in advertising something you cannot supply! The initial spend rather depends on the opening scale of your depot and your long term expectations…to start advertise self storage locally using, if possible, roadside adverts adjacent to your premises and directing to your premises;  cards in shops and post offices; post to estate agents and local businesses.  Sometimes we all have our heads down and are unaware of what’s happening just down the road. Local ‘freebie’ magazines are very useful for exposure to traders, as they in turn will be advertising and will look regularly (as you will) to see where their advert is placed and ipso facto will read their advert and possibly see yours. Local newspapers classifieds section and of course a web site with local links. We can arrange this for you for a very modest and competitive fee. See as they specialise in small business. Daintons in the South West of England, when they started up their first depot, rather adventurously spent a lot of money advertising self storage on the local radio, having only thirty something units – they now have 12 + depots and over 4,000 containers! So it’s down to your wallet and confidence in your own expectations…


Well, that will vary tremendously – from simple Moving Household Domestic, to Business Overflow, Business Data Storage, Small Businesses, Household Glory Hole Storage (usually the smaller 8’ & 10’s) social hobbyist – you name it, they can store it. Be very wary of:

Car Booter’s, as they store all sorts and items and accumulate items that do not sell, which get put to the back and added to until its just a container of non-moving stock and the cost of storage is not worth the trouble and they disappear leaving you with a box of rubbish. In a 20’ you can bank on at least £200 to get rid of it and forget STORAGE WARS on TV, that’s not real life, it’s just a set up to make a programme. There’s very little recoverable monies from abandoned storage.

Tyre Storage: they have been known to abandon hundreds of used tyres.

Car exporters: have been known to be exporting stolen vehicles.

The obvious foolish people and the hard ups: you will be catering for not only the economic bottom end storers and those that have a tight purse, but be warned there are many eccentrics in society and some have a real problem with holding on to complete rubbish. Check your local authority’s regulations on storage types rules and regulations etc. some are slightly more relaxed than others Do not allow the storage of any item that will cause pollution if it spills or leaks: Chemicals, Herbicides, Insecticides, Fuels or Oils, Fireworks etc.


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