Looking to start a self storage business? Follow these stages to help and guide you through the process.

Land Selection

If you run foul of your Local Authority Planning Department you can look forward to an expensive nightmare. In addition, the Local Highways can also object to any development or change of use based…


Standard Containers are constructed in two most widely used lengths 20’ & 40′ and they are all 8’ wide (there are some exceptions, the domestic use purpose built 8 & 10’s and the rarer Pallet Wide & 45’ long)


It’s never easy and many wish after establishing their self storage business that they had given more thought to it. The maxim must be, the best economic utilisation of ground space whilst allowing ease of use for your clients


You must have public Liability Insurance and you should take out contents insurance for your office equipment and containers. You cannot easily insure your client’s items…


Don’t be shy, everybody needs storage sometime or other, Use bold, brave adverts but do not overspend, and keep pace with your available capacity and ability to respond to further demand…